Acceptance of GRE Scores At ISB

Acceptance of GRE Scores At ISB

Recently, ISB or Indian School of Business in Hyderabad announced that it will accept GRE scores as well for admission into its flagship MBA programs. These programs like ISB EEO, ISB PGP, and ISB YLP were open only for those qualifying GMAT till now. But, with acceptance of GRE scores at ISB, it will open the doors of opportunities for many more MBA aspirants in the country.

Rules Related To Acceptance Of GMAT And GRE Scores At ISB:

As a leading B-school in the country, ISB has set higher standards of education for MBA students. It has a stringent screening process for admissions. Rules regarding GRE and GMAT scores at this prestigious institute include:

  • It is mandatory to provide GMAT or GRE scores at the time of application.
  • These scores will be valid for 5 years from the date of test.
  • Within 3 weeks, these scores should reach ISB.
  • Under no circumstances, GMAT and GRE scores will be waived at ISB.

Which One Is Better To Choose For Admission In ISB?

This decision should completely depend on the selection of program by the candidates. If you prefer applying to a dual degree or any other master’s program along with ISB, it is advisable to take GRE.

However, if you are solely preparing for a management program with a better understanding of Quant, GMAT can be your ideal selection. Similarly, if you are looking forward to applying only for PGP program of ISB and you have an impressive mastery over the verbal ability, take GRE. At the end, it all depends on your selection and priorities.

Here Are Some Key Points To Remember Before Taking Any Of These Tests:

  • GMAT has a tricky Integrated Reasoning section. Hence, if you struggle with concepts like data synthesizing, you may find it really challenging. In this context, you can opt for GRE but remember that GMAT scores in Integrated Reasoning are considered a significant selection parameter by many organizations.
  • If you are good in vocabulary and love reading, GRE may be a simpler choice for you because GMAT is more focused on grammar than vocabulary.
  • While GMAT is a computer-adaptive test selecting questions based on your performance in the previous question, GRE is a section-adaptive test. It means that difficulty level of sections depends on your performance in the first sections completed by you.

The course structure and test format largely differ for both these exams. So, if you are preparing for admission in ISB, it is better to analyze every factor carefully to ensure a better selection.

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