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How LEAP Works

LIVE Webinars from CAT experts

Post CAT Admission Counselling & GD/PI/WAT sessions from experts

Fortnightly Podcasts

LIVE one-on-one Interviews with our panel of experts, that will bring to light their own individual journeys toward their MBA. Know the real struggles of it all, from the horse's mouth.

Free Videos

You would have hundreds ot free videos and notes to help you understand concepts and learn while you are solving questions or topics.

Network with applicants

LEAP is a social platform, and therefore it would allow you to network with top candidates from different parts of the world. You can also network with tutors and admission consultants.

Join Study Groups

You can select and join specific study groups - related to your country, or the University or business school you are applying to. You can also create your own study group.

Participate in LEAPathons

You can take full length CAT on LEAP, which would be taken LIVE by thousands of other candidates from across the globe. You can get realtime ranks, feedback, analysis, etc. to help you benchmark your prep against others.

How does LEAP help you prepare for Post CAT-2016?

Weekly Webinars

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Personalized dashboard

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Detailed Exam Workshop

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Study groups

 GRE Study groups

24/7 Access to Tutors

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Tutors on LEAP

Shashank Prabhu

Dr. Shashank Prabhu has a happy knack of cracking entrance tests and helping aspirants do so, the highlight being a 100%ile in the CAT 2011. He believes in being able to crack any problem using minimal technical interventions and you would find him designing “elegant” solutions to questions.

Divya Mukhopadhyay

Divya Mukhopadhyay has been a Psychology student all her life and loves to teach! She's passionate about writing and is an ardent admirer of the English language. She's going to be your leader/tutor/advisor for the verbal aspect of the tests.

Himanshu Yadav

Himanshu Yadav is a graduate from IIT Bombay! A math geek through and through, you can have any conversation about numbers with him, and he will not let you down. His incredible mathematical skills are here to help you with the quantitative aspect of the tests.

Kavita Thakar

Kavita Thakar is an alumnus for IIM Indore. Her extensive work with the world of Finance and her successful association with IIM, naturally lend her insightful expertise in regard with CAT quant. Her mathematical abilities and analytical skills, coupled with years of real-time experience in Business Analytics and Research, are sure to bring you the practical acumen you need to ace the much dreaded DI/LR questions on test day.

Candidates love LEAP

According to me most of the standardized tests are really expensive to afford, especially if you’re a student and cost of quality test preparation material just adds to the burden. Though many forums and preparatory websites exist, none of them cater to the comprehensive needs of the takers of major standardized tests and even if they do, they do it at premium. LEAP rightfully fills this lacuna by providing quality material free of cost – no strings attached. I consider LEAP to be a social enterprise.

To begin with, it was easy to access, with a great user-experience. The exercises were well timed and there’s always a peer-peer competition, which pushes one to strive harder and perform faster. Whenever, I sensed that I was running out of material to prepare, I had LEAP.

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