Tutors are critical to help you fix problems in topics that may bring down your total score. We have a dedicated and highly experienced bunch of experts on QSLEAP who are eager to guide and mentor you. They have limited time though, so depending on your study plan you should book their time properly. Tutors have access to your progress in the system so you are assured of customized guidance at all times.

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Can't find the right tutor? Let our team help you.

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Can't find the right tutor?

Let our team help you.

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Sonam Dubey

Verbal Tutor & Community Manager

Mumbai, India

Sonam is the Community Manager and a verbal tutor at QS LEAP. She has trained students on soft skills and currently is helping students prepare for standardized tests.

Education: Master of Arts, Industrial & Organisational Psychology from Mumbai University, 2016

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Dan Iorga

GMAT Quant Record Coholder

London, United Kingdom

Professional senior GMAT GRE Quant tutor, based in London, UK. Dan has achieved maximum scores in all tests from first attempt

Education: Economics from Academy of Economic Studies, Faculty of Commerce, Bucharest, 1990

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Divya Mukhopadhyay

Verbal Expert

Kolkata, India

Divya has been associated with English as a language and a subject for upwards of 15 years now, and has taught the subject to students at varying levels of academic acumen.

Education: MSc. Clinical Psychology from Bangor University, 2015

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Dipti Shah

Verbal Expert

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Dipti has been tutoring students globally for over 8 years. She herself has scored a 99.09 percentile in the CAT exam.

Education: MBA from ICFAI, 2007

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Deepti Agarwal

Verbal Expert

Lucknow, India

Deepti guides students through intricacies of English: honing grammar, reading and reasoning skills.

Education: Masters in Human Development from M S University of Baroda, 2004

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Manish Salian

Quant Expert

Mumbai, India

Manish has 18 years of experience in teaching quant. He teaches his students to apply logic to solve Math sums, which is a very different and fun way of learning Math.

Education: Masters in Teaching and Learning from London, 2017