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Sonam Dubey

Verbal Tutor & Community Manager

Mumbai, India

Supports students to prepare for Standardized tests

Education: Master of Arts, Industrial & Organisational Psychology from Mumbai University, 2016

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Dan Iorga

GMAT Quant Record Coholder

London, United Kingdom

Tied the highest GMAT Quant Score ever recorded

Education: Economics from Academy of Economic Studies, Faculty of Commerce, Bucharest, 1990

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Divya Mukhopadhyay

Verbal Expert

Kolkata, India

Associated with English as a language for over 15 years

Education: MSc. Clinical Psychology from Bangor University, 2015

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Dipti Shah

Verbal Expert

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Scored 99.09 percentile in CAT exam.

Education: MBA from ICFAI, 2007

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Deepti Agarwal

Verbal Expert

Lucknow, India

Trained by British Council.

Education: Masters in Human Development from M S University of Baroda, 2004

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Manish Salian

Quant Expert

London, United Kingdom

Teaches how to use logic to solve Math questions.

Education: Masters in Teaching and Learning from London, 2017

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Anuja Shenoy

Verbal Expert

Mumbai, India

A polyglot with a special affinity towards English and Spanish.

Education: M.A. in European Studies from Manipal University, 2017

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Vinod Yadav

Quant Expert

Mumbai, India

11 years of experience in teaching Mathematics for competitive exams.

Education: Textile Technology from Mumbai University, 2007

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Shiv Pandey

Quant Expert

Goa, India

Highly experienced tutor, preparing students for competitive exams.

Education: Mechanical Engineering from BIT ( Pt. Ravi Shankar) , 2003

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Lora Malvani

Verbal & Quant Expert

California, United States

Professional teacher with extensive SAT experience, based in USA.

Education: Masters of Education: Development, Learning, and Instruction from University of California, 2004

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Arun Jagannathan

GMAT Verbal Instructor & Admission Expert

Bangalore, India

GMAT Verbal Instructor

Education: MCA, Computer Applications from Gujarat University, 2001

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Matoo Gupta

GRE/GMAT Verbal Instructor

Bengaluru, India

Scored 336 on the GRE.

Education: Masters in Economics from University of Amsterdam, 2020