The School of Business and Law offers a range of accredited programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. These programs were designed with the support of industry bodies to ensure our graduates are job ready. Our accredited undergraduate programs include Accounting, Law and Property and these programs are respectively accredited with Certified Practicing Accountants, Legal Practitioners Admissions Board and Australian Property Institute. The Business program offers majors that are accredited by the Australian Human Resources Institute, the Australian Computer Society and the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply. Majors are also available in professional communication and accounting. At the postgraduate level we offer Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters level programs. The new flagship Master of Business Administration program is now ranked by the Graduate Management Association of Australia. The school offers specialist Masters programs in Management, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Professional Accounting and International Business. For students interested in undertaking a research degree we offer a Master of Business, a Doctor of Philosophy and a Doctor of Professional Studies. Our programs can be accessed via traditional classroom modes or online (via distance education). As an online student you may drop in at any one of our campus locations, distance...

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