Our Part-time MBA (one week per month for 18 or 24 months) offers participants a unique opportunity to enhance their knowledge base, maximize their leadership potential, and expand their corporate network, all whilst allowing them to maintain a balance between their academic and professional lives.

During the Fundamental Phase, our students acquire the key skills that are essential in carving out a successful career in business. All the courses in this phase are mandatory, comprising of 11 core courses, a language course, Leadership Development, Career Building and Coaching. During the Customized Phase of the program - our students have the chance to take part in a fieldwork project, working with real companies in the process. One of the most popular projects is the Global Consulting Practicum in partnership with Wharton, giving the students the opportunity to work with top institutions such as The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Microsoft.

Aside from the Fieldwork Project, Part-time students can also choose from a range of electives in any given field, as well as completing one of four tracks in Marketing, Leadership, Finance and Strategy. They also have the option of joining our Full-time MBA cohort to complete a Specialization or International


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