The verbal section can be daunting for test takers, especially for non-native users of the English language. In order to achieve a good verbal score, having an active and rigorous preparation cycle is an absolute must, along with valuable resources, such as this group, that will facilitate a smooth prep experience. Your active participation on this group will facilitate your exposure to a vast variety of test-prep related verbal material, and will get you more aware of the typical errors that you are prone to make on test day. Here’s your chance to ask and answer questions, and get real-time feedback on them. Since the core premise of this group is “discussion”, you have the liberty to interact with the other members and discuss (even debate) your answers. As an additional resource, “From English, With Love” is going to be your aid and guide to verbal skill-building in general, and is going to help you resolve those minor, yet significant qualms that stand in the way of a good score.

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