The Full-time Global MBA program at Shidler College of Business offers students a comprehensive foundation in business fundamentals with an Asia-Pacific focus. Students have access to internships, career development assistance and strong networking opportunities with fellow students, alumni, and the business community at large. The Full-time Global MBA program features a first-year cohort experience designed to help students learn the inner-workings of group dynamics crucial for the leaders of today's organizations. Throughout the program, students meet their personal and professional goals while preparing them for leadership in today's global business environment.

Starting in 2013, the restructured Full-time Global MBA program will offer a wider array of choices in the Asia-Pacific region with internships and study abroad opportunities in a variety of countries. Students will be able to pick country-specific tracks and those interested in experiencing a robust international education can take a semester of classes at one of our partner schools and work at a professional internship in a growing number of Asian countries such as China, Japan and Vietnam. Students will also be able to take advantage of the excellent Japanese or Chinese language courses offered at the University of Hawai’i at M?noa.


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