The Executive MBA curriculum is divided into 5 major parts: Part 1 - The Big Picture One week intensive seminar devoted to: introducing the EMBA understanding the economic environment, team building Part 2 - Learning the ins and outs Five 3-day seminars to introduce MBA participants to basic business concepts One week study-tour abroad in India Part 3 - Moving forward Five 3-day seminars to advanced business concepts One week study-tour abroad in Finland Part 4 - Practice the art of management Four 3-day seminars and one 4-day seminar to prepare MBA participants to deal with complexity and multicultural environments One week study-tour abroad in the USA Part 5 - Corporate Audit and Personel Development Team work on a strategic project Engage in personal development activites related to leadership PROGRAM COURSES Delivered in the heart of Paris, the courses will adress the following issues: Applied Economics for Managers Financial Accounting New Markets & New Technologies Start-up Project Marketing Management Strategy Innovation & Business Models Leading Organizations Leadership International Leadership Communication Managing Technology Innovation Intellectual Property

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