The Weatherhead School of Management is a private business school of Case Western Reserve University located in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Weatherhead specializes in sustainability, design innovation, healthcare, organizational behavior, global entrepreneurship, and executive education, and is notably the first business school to create a Department of Design & Innovation, with core MBA classes in design and sustainability. Recognizing the need within businesses for solutions to global and environmental problems, Weatherhead has incorporated both design and sustainability courses into its core curriculum. Weatherhead is also home to the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit. The Fowler Center's primary focus is on for-profit organizations that use their core activities to create value for society and the environment in ways that create even more value for their customers and shareholders. These values are integrated into the MBA program at Weatherhead, along with its focus on sustainability, making it more than a “Green MBA”.Weatherhead offers several versions of its MBA programs. Along with the flagship, traditional, two-year, full-time MBA, where most classes are on weekdays, with some on weekends, there is also a part-time MBA over three years, with evening and weekend classes; an executive MBA (EMBA) over two years, with three-day campus residencies; and the Cleveland-Clinic Weatherhead Executive MBA, also over two years, with three-day campus residencies. Both EMBA programs include a summer semester devoted to an international tour.In addition, Weatherhead offers a wide range of dual-degree options: MBA/JD, MBA/Doctor of Medicine, MBA/MSc in Social Administration, MBA/Master of Public Health, MBA/MSC in Management Finance (contingent on obtaining necessary approvals), Tongji MBA/MSC in Management-Finance, MBA/Master in Global Management, MBA/MSc in Medical Physiology, and an MBA/MSc in Biochemistry. The Weatherhead full-time MBA program offers intimate classroom interaction, valuable hands-on experience, internship, rigorous study, and personalized career development. It includes a focus on Leading People and Organizations (LEAD), as well as a focus on design and sustainability, one-on-one student-faculty interaction, and a wide range of electives, with subjects ranging from corporate risk management to commercialization and Intellectual property management.The full-time MBA program provides students with the opportunity to practice what is taught in the AMES Business Models – a year-long experience divided over two semesters. Building on the knowledge acquired in the first year, students work in teams with outside business clients on three different projects that offer exposure to building business models for a start-up, an established company, and a company outside of the US. These experiences are designed to challenge students to find new and innovative solutions to problems using right-brained initiatives to create sustainable value for business and society, and provide students with the experience needed to make a positive difference to any company.Post-graduation, 82% of students are employed within three months, with an average salary of US$82,290.

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