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Getting a high score in CAT is possible for anyone who can follow a certain prep strategy. We know this science and it's available for you now

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LEAP uses cutting-edge science and artificial intelligence to personalize your learning so that you learn quicker & improve your scores.

Prep Classes

You can find a free prep class (webinars) on LEAP almost every day, and our tutors have created easy ways to understand topics & use them to solve questions.

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Get personal tuition on any topics or a certain section that might be troubling you.

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Everyone has told you test prep is hard, and while that can be stressful, it's not true. We have made test prep easy and fun with our social learning tools.

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Access one of the most credible and up to date Q&A board to ask your questions and get answers from experts and other candidates from across the world.

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Unsure of who else is applying to your target school this year? Network with your future classmates and benchmark your profile against theirs.

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