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CAT - Sequence and Series

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By: Vinod Yadav

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About This CAT Classroom

Sequence and series topic was first introduced in class 9th and ever since then, we have faced these questions in almost all the standards wherever mathematics was is there in our real life too. There are various types of progressions, namely: arithmetic, geometric, harmonic, some special series, etc. These are the questions which are asked in almost all the MBA entrance exams across the world, so to revise all these and to learn some unique type of questions which can also be solved logically and not just by the formula, come and attend this class on sequences and series.

Know Your Tutor

Vinod Yadav

Quant Expert

Vinod adopts a CREATIVE LOGICAL MATHEMATICAL model to teach Math which enables a student to unlearn, learn and relearn MATHEMATICS in a “CREATIVELY LOGICAL” manner.

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