CAT Class


Feb' 2019

Hosted by QS LEAP

CAT - Sets based on multiple scenarios

03:30 PM (UTC) 30 Minutes

By: Manish Salian

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About This CAT Classroom

The year 2001 marked an important year as regards Data Interpretation section was concerned. Prior to this, the sets were based on standard data formats like Tables, Caselets, Bar graph, Line graph or Pie Charts. Students had to interpret the data given, do a few calculations and work out the answers to the questions asked. However, CAT 2001 changed all that. A majority of the sets were now Reasoning based. These sets were not straight forward but required students to create multiple scenarios. Sets became time consuming, resulting in reduced attempts in the section. Prof. Manish Salian discusses how to approach such sets in this all important session. Register for this session to understand how to approach such sets.   

About SDA Bocconi Asia Center:

SDA Bocconi Asia Center is strongly committed to supporting students in their preparation stage and hence we bring to you this CAT classroom in association with QS Leap. SDA Bocconi Asia Center offers International Master in Business (IMB) a full-time postgraduate program which accepts CAT-17&18, our CAT average has been 90%ile.

Know Your Tutor

Manish Salian

Quant Expert

Manish has 18 years of experience in teaching quant. He teaches his students to apply logic to solve Math sums, which is a very different and fun way of learning Math.

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