5 Things CAT Coaching Classes Will Never Tell You About

MBA aspirants are often dogged about their path of study shaping up in a classroom. It does help to substantiate their claim to success with better understanding of the facts, more concentration, and able guidance sailing them across the rough waters of CAT.

There are a lot of qualms surrounding the format of this online exam and your classroom preparations may not suffice to ensure a higher percentile. In this regard, there are few things that you must remember. They might not be told in your CAT coaching classes but they are crucial.

Here is a list of 5 things CAT coaching classes will never tell you about

1. There’s Life beyond CAT

There’s no denying the fact that practice is your key to success but over practicing may be hazardous. Don’t restrict your life to preparations and leave all other interests behind. So, enjoy your college life, your work, go for movies, or hangout with your friends at least once in a while. It will refresh your mind and open it up to take more pressure than you anticipate.

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2. You Need Not Be Excellent In Mathematics

It is not necessary to be a genius in math if you want to crack online tests for CAT. Most of the coaching institutes rely on teaching a formula-based approach to solve mathematical problems. But this may not help in the actual exam where simple reasoning is all that you require for solving the most complex sums in a go. Logical approach is more desirable than being a math geek while taking up CAT examination.

3. Prepare For CAT In A Way That Suits You Well

Every aspirant is different and needs to prepare differently. It is utterly important to understand your key strengths and weaknesses on your own because no one else will tell you about them. You need not follow what others are doing for preparations. You should adopt an approach that works better for you.

4. Don’t Rely Solely On Solving CAT Books

It is a myth that you can crack CAT by solving the books only. Most of these resources are stacked with redundant information on a set pattern that may not be applicable to the current year’s exam. So, refrain from restricting your learning to such books and expand your horizon to online study materials as well as books on varied genres.

5. Never Try To Give It Up

Although classroom studies help you to focus yet they fail to motivate you when it is needed. Hence, remember that you may have tough time cracking this exam and it may not happen in one attempt. So, always be motivated and self-disciplined to stay in the race.

These five things may not be taught in CAT coaching classes but they are extremely vital to ensure sure shot success in this examination.

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