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CAT Model Question Papers Worth Their Weight In Gold

CAT Model Question Papers Worth Their Weight In Gold

If you are taking your CAT then you are probably smart enough to know that none of the questions from the past exams is going to be repeated in your test. Only a couple of questions, if any, from model papers will appear on your test and that too if you are lucky enough. Yet, we ask you to go through them carefully during your prep. Why?

Well to begin with, previous years’ question papers or model papers will give you a fair idea of what to expect in your CAT. Remember, you are competing with over 2 lakh candidates in the exam and you just can’t go in the test centre not knowing what to expect. In this article we will tell you how model papers help you and ways you can make the most out of them.

Model Question Papers keep you abreast with the changes

CAT went through some changes in 2015; it’s important to understand what they are and how they impact you. To begin with, the test duration was increased from 170 minutes to 180. But test takers were not allowed to switch sections till the stipulated time for each was over. It’s something you will get a hang of after going through the current model papers.

CAT 2015 had 34 Quantitative Ability questions, 34 Verbal And Reading Comprehension, and 32 Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning questions. Model papers will be fairly representative of the number of questions in each section that you are expected to find in the actual CAT.

Build your confidence with model papers

Besides knowing what is in store for you at the CAT, the model papers will also instill confidence in you. You will lose your exam fear to a large extent.

Solving model papers is also a good way of monitoring your preparations and getting an idea of your progress. You will know more about the areas you need to work on harder.

How to make the most of the Model Papers

Whether you are working with previous CAT papers, you need to do your best to try and take them in an environment as close to the real test as possible. Set yourself time limits for each section and give all the questions your best shot to know where you really stand.

When you start answering the questions on the model papers you will have a clearer idea of the pattern that CAT applies. You will also be acquainted with the strategies employed by the powers that be to trick you. It’s always a good idea to go over the questions that you got wrong.

Today, you can easily download CAT model papers online and gain from the wonderful world of Internet.

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