CAT Syllabus Vs GRE Syllabus

Both CAT and GRE are tests to assess the potential of aspirants while applying to the leading universities and B-schools. While CAT is acceptable to the top ranking business schools in India, GRE is used in many international colleges/universities for admission to their graduate programs. Syllabus of CAT and GRE is similar in many respects but it differs in terms of difficulty level and format of individual sections. These tests assess the skills inculcated by students, especially in their high school studies. Each of these varies in terms of parameters defined for testing of these skills and conceptual knowledge of candidates. Here you can find the main dissimilarities in these two tests:

Syllabus of Verbal in CAT and Reasoning in GRE:

Reading comprehension is integrally used in both these tests but their format is entirely different. CAT requires candidates to answer questions based on the comprehension provided while GRE may include selection of a text from passage to answer the questions. Vocabulary is intensively assessed through GRE. It is much tougher in this exam when compared with CAT. GRE asks word-selection and multiple-choice type questions related to vocabulary. Similarly, CAT also lays on these question types instead of using out-of-context vocabulary. CAT has additional questions based on paragraph formation, word usage, etc.

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Syllabus of Quant in CAT and GRE:

In both these tests, quant section has questions from algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and arithmetic. However, level of intensity largely varies from one test to another. Quant section of CAT is much difficult as compared to that of GRE or even GMAT. Another difference is in the format of questions. While CAT requires candidates to select only one correct answer for a question, GRE may ask them to select multiple answers or even type-in the right answer in some questions.

Analytical Writing Assessment:

In GRE, AWA or Analytical Writing Assessment has 2 writing tasks that test the ability of candidates to formulate new ideas, support them with reasons, examine the evidence, and offer a well-focused assessment. This essay section is found in both GMAT and GRE while there is no such test in CAT.

CAT is a linear examination while GRE is section adaptive test where level of difficulty varies according to the performance of candidates in previous section. Lastly, it can be safely added that by studying CAT’s quant, you can beat this section in GRE while verbal of GRE helps to beat this section in CAT.

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