CAT Vocabulary List

While preparing for tests like CAT, you have to lay extra impetus on enhancing your vocabulary. There are many words that are repetitively used in CAT exams and you must prepare them to ace the Verbal section. Here is given a list of relevant words in CAT vocabulary list for your help.

  1. Abate- Verb, Collapse or lessen
  2. Abdicate- Verb, Give up the powers (monarchs and royals)
  3. Apprise- Verb, To inform or notify
  4. Accede- Verb, Yielding to someone’s wish.
  5. Amicable- adjective, Friendly
  6. Backfire- Verb, Rebound or boomerang
  7. Bale- Noun, Bundle or bunch
  8. Bask- Verb, Laze or Revel in (something relaxing)
  9. Cache- Noun, Hoard or Stockpile
  10. Caliber- Noun, Level of ability or distinction in someone’s character
  11. Callous- Adjective, Heartless or uncaring
  12. Celerity- Noun, Swiftness of movement
  13. Debase- Verb, Degrade or Devalue
  14. Debonair- Adjective, Confident and stylish
  15. Docile- Adjective, Compliant or submissive
  16. Deride- Verb, Ridicule
  17. Ebullient- Adjective, Cheerful
  18. Eccentric- Adjective, Unconventional
  19. Elucidate- Verb, Explain
  20. Evanescence- Noun, Vanish gradually from sight
  21. Fallacious- Adjective, False or Incorrect
  22. Ferocious- Adjective, Savage or cruel
  23. Foible- Noun, Weakness
  24. Frugal- Adjective, Economical
  25. Gape- Verb, Wide open
  26. Galore- Adjective, Abundance
  27. Grapple- Verb, Wrestle or struggle
  28. Halcyon- Adjective, Serene or pleasant
  29. Hoodwink- Verb, Deceive or trick
  30. Hypercritical- Adjective, Excessively critical
  31. Impel- Verb, Force or urge
  32. Innocuous- Adjective, Innocent or Harmless
  33. Intrinsic- Adjective, Inherent or essential
  34. Jeopardize- Verb, Endanger (someone/something)
  35. Judicious- Adjective, Wise and sensible
  36. Juxtapose- Verb, Place something close together
  37. Kibble- Verb, Grind or Chop
  38. Knighthood- Noun, Title or rank
  39. Lampoon- Verb, Sarcasm or criticizing publicly
  40. Limp- Verb, Walking with difficulty
  41. Ludicrous- Adjective, Unreasonable or Absurd
  42. Lithe- Adjective, Supple, Agile
  43. Magnanimous- Adjective, Generous or Benevolent
  44. Mawkish- Adjective, Over-sentimental
  45. Mettle- Noun, Spirit or determination
  46. Mundane- Adjective, Dull
  47. Nascent- Adjective, Being born
  48. Nexus- Noun, Series of connection
  49. Novice- Noun, Beginner or Learner
  50. Obsolete- Adjective, Outdated
  51. Occult-Noun, Mystical or supernatural
  52. Onus- Noun, Burden or responsibility
  53. Penury- Noun, Extreme poverty
  54. Pertinent- Adjective, Relevant
  55. Petulant- Adjective, Childishly Bad-tempered
  56. Query- Noun, Question
  57. Repentance- Noun, Sincere regret
  58. Reverent- Adjective, Deep Respect
  59. Scribble- Verb, Writing carelessly
  60. Solace- Noun, Consolation
  61. Somber- Adjective, Dark or Serious
  62. Tacit- Adjective, Understood
  63. Trait- Noun, Characteristic
  64. Unaccountable- Adjective, inexplicable
  65. Uproot- Verb, Pull out
  66. Verbose- Adjective, Wordy
  67. Verify- Verb, Confirm or prove
  68. Wearisome- Adjective, Tiring
  69. Wintry- Adjective, Cold (in feeling)
  70. Yearn- Verb, Longing for something

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