Debunking Popular CAT Exam Myths

All management aspirants who want to make it to the top B Schools in the country have to do well in their CAT. That is a hard fact. A number of students take the exam every time it is offered, which means the competition is tough for a limited number of seats in top colleges.

However there are several myths associated with the CAT as well. If you are preparing for your CAT or intend to in the future you might have heard of some of them and even bought them at face value. But several of these popular myths are just that and here we try to debunk them.

Few of the oft-repeated CAT Exam myths shattered

  • High level of difficulty – Every person, who claims to be an expert, will tell you that the CAT carries with itself a high level of difficulty. But the real fact is that the test has maintained an easy to moderate level of difficulty over the years.
  • It’s not for everyone – There are those who say that girls don’t do well in Quants and hence there are fewer of them in IIMs. Imagine saying math is gender specific? Similarly it’s not true that only candidates with IIT and engineering background do well in the test.
  • CAT means IIMs – While it’s true that one of the IIMs conducts the test every year and there is a strong association between the two, there are many other top colleges including SP Jain, FMS where you can gain admission with a high CAT score.
  • Your debating skills help you ace Verbal ability section – You might want to believe that at your own risk. Your gift of gab does not mean you can deal with the time limit and choosing almost similar options. Only way to do well in the section is through practice- like any other section.
  • People with work experience have an advantage – It is true that work experience gets you certain points, but it’s also a known fact that a PGDM classroom has a good mix of fresh graduates and students with work experience. You also have to remember that preparing for the CAT while you are dealing with work pressures can be a tough ask too.

There are many other CAT myths that have been passed on over the years. It’s best that you don’t pay undue attention to them and focus on your prep to do well in the all-important test.

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