Does IIM-A acceptance rate of 1% makes Harvard a safety school?

“If you thought your friends were impressed by the fact that you got into Harvard with its 6.2% acceptance rate in 2011, it’s time to think again. As more and more students worldwide seek tertiary education, some students are fighting against even more incredible odds worldwide to attend their top schools—and in some cases, Harvard’s admissions rate looks positively gigantic”, says Michael C. George of flyby, the blog of The Harvard Crimson.

Harvard Business School is tough but the IIMs are tougher. Don’t believe me? Look at the stats.

Consider the case of Namrata Narain of batch ’15. One of the students from India studding at the prestigious Harvard University. Back home, she had the pressure of making it to a higher education institution that rules only on the marks a student achieves in their school leaving exemption or on test scores where the seats to applicants ratio are usually horrific to say the least.

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Namrata said, “[I] thought of applying to American universities as a ‘second option’ while preparing for the IIT exam.” She got into Harvard two days before taking the examination. IIMs aren’t a different story.

While we have seen Michael George offer some perspective, lets look at the statistics on the India’s top B-School from Bloomberg news. Acceptance rates for MBA programs at Stanford University stands at 7%. The dreaded Harvard University accepts 13%. Offering a bit of perspective, the news site says further, “Not even 1 percent of applicants were admitted to India’s top business school last year.”

The Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A) accepted only 0.25% of its applicants in the academic tenure of 2012-14. Entry there is based on what your CAT or Common admission test scores are, the school also considers GMAT. “The minimum GMAT score for students in IIM-A’s postgraduate program in management, equivalent to a two-year MBA program, was 770, compared with an average score of 730 at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business”, the magazine substantiated. Looking at this we can safely assume that Harvard indeed is a safety school considering the competition which fairly fierce in this nation of ours.


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