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Do’s And Don’ts Of Personal Interviews After CAT

Do’s And Don’ts Of Personal Interviews After CAT

So you have already gone through the tough part of scoring well in your CAT, now it’s about making the best impression with the top B Schools in the country. And Personal Interviews (PIs) are your way of doing just that.

They are an important stage in securing your admission with your dream college. B School admission authorities look at PI as the final step in knowing a candidate and whether he or she is fit to pursue the program with them. Hence their importance cannot be overemphasized.

What do PIs gauge?

Before you learn how to make the best impression in the PI, you have to understand what the interviewers look for. Quite simply, the interview panel looks at your spontaneity, confidence levels and stress management abilities.

Interviewers can ask you practically anything and everything (and often almost nothing) to get to know you. But to keep things into perspective, you are more likely to be asked about your graduation subjects, work experience, hobbies, likes, dislikes and current affairs.

How to prep for PI?

Since you can’t guess what the interview panel is going to ask you on the day, there is no one way to prep for your PI. But you can be prepared for questions on above mentioned topics and structure your answers for personality related questions to gain an advantage.

Who are you? What are you looking for in life? What are the positives about living in our society? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What do you intend to achieve with your MBA? These are some of the general questions you can prep for.

Do’s for your PI

  • Display your confidence – You will be asked questions with no right or wrong answers. The interviewers are looking for your approach to solve them and your overall confidence. Don’t be fazed by the questions and remain calm.
  • Be honest and real – The interview is a way for the interviewers to get to know you. That’s why it’s important to stay true to yourself. If you pretend then you are likely to get called out in the following questions.
  • Draw attention to your strengths – Some of the most successful interviews are where candidates manage to draw questions regarding their strengths. It is indeed possible to lead interviewers to ask you questions you are comfortable answering.

Don’ts for your PI

  • Don’t be cocky – There is a thin line between being confident and being cocky. There’s nothing more off putting than a candidate coming across as arrogant in an interview. Please stay polite.
  • Don’t overlook your CV – There is a good chance that a few questions in your interview are going to revolve around your CV. Don’t overlook any of its aspects. Know what you have written.
  • Don’t be on the defensive – You are not expected to know answers to all the questions. If you can’t get some of them right, don’t go overboard trying to explain yourself.

These simple tips will help you put your best step forward in the crucial PI.

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