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How Long Should One Study For CAT?

How Long Should One Study For CAT?

Preparing for Common Admission Test or CAT is the toughest task for the MBA aspirants in India. But you shouldn’t get panicky. Instead, focus all your attention on preps and ace this test. The preparation for this test should depend on your current knowledge and skill base. Fresh pass outs from college need to begin from the scratch while advanced level candidates have to improve their current preparation levels.

While preparing for CAT, your focus should be directed to the following aspects:

  • Speed of taking test
  • Maintaining a constant level of concentration
  • Giving accurate answer for every attempted question
  • Proper time management

What Is The Best Time To Begin CAT Preparation?

Ideally, you should start your CAT preps from March or April. It will give you nearly 6 months to prepare for the test taking place in November-December. Divide your time judiciously for building a deep understanding of concepts, honing your skills, practicing, and taking as many mock tests as you can.

Here are some tips to help with planning your CAT preparation strategy:

Go through The CAT Basics and Pattern:

This is utterly important to excel in this coveted test. The four sections of this test are quantitative ability, verbal ability, data interpretation, and logical reasoning. You must understand their extensive syllabus and pattern clearly. You may take help from websites and other online resources.

Know Your Abilities:

You should know about your strengths and weaknesses. It can be simply done by reviewing past CAT tests. Find out your weak areas and make them stronger with a rigorous study schedule.

Find the Right Study Material:

It is extremely necessary to find the right resources to study for CAT. Take help from online preparation portals where you can find the best books, tips, advice, and guidance from the experts. Do not invest your money and precious time in studying too many books. Rather, concentrate on any one and study it thoroughly.

Learn Time Management Strategies:

While preparing for tricky exams like CAT, it is significant to manage your time strategically. You should devote 5-6 months to study and then, consistently practice for the test day. Divide your time for every section depending on the level of your current preparation.

Take Test Series:

Online test series can be your ticket to IIM if you take them seriously. You must attempt at least 15-20 such tests and see the improvement in your confidence levels.

These are the success mantras for performing well in CAT even if you are a beginner to this test.


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