How to build your CAT 2017 Resume?

A lot changed between the year 2015 and 2016. The CAT (Common Admission Test) made major changes to not only the pattern of the paper but the syllabus, allotment of marks and the basic structure and functionality. After the change, if you didn’t make it and are wondering why, take a look at your resume and if necessary, buff it and buff it well.

Include skills that are relevant: Don’t go unnecessarily padding up your resume. Put in experiences that you have had, internships that matter and would be interesting to look at for the people at the screening desk. Your internship at the local pool does not count but the one at Tech Mahindra or Larsen and Toubro definitely does. Make the call wisely.

State the challenges you have faced on the jobs that you’ve been on. These can be expressed as goals you have achieved. Citing as many numbers as possible can be a good tool as they make you seem dedicated.

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Emphasize your educational and extra curricular accomplishments

Where did you go to school? Where did you go to college? What societies were you a part of? Did you have skills that picked up from the time you spent at school and college? Of course. Never forget to list them out. You debated, put it on. Danced? Put it on. Wrote? C’mon, put it on! Remember, in this section, leave nothing out, nothing.

Kick-start your resume with an executive summary

For your screeners who have a pile of resumes similar to the size of mount Olympus, will find reading all of them stressful (i.e., most of them).

“Avoid vague terms like “hard working” and “results oriented”; rather, use specific descriptors like “published,” “award-winning,” “multi-lingual,” and “prehensile tail.” Just remember to keep it short! You’ve got the rest of your resume to tell the whole story”, says Freddy J. Nager, Founder of Atomic Tango + Self-Marketing Advocate.

Begin your resume with a two or three line summary that encapsulates the person you are and the selling points and objectives you want to portray. Remember to keep this in the third person. Your executive summary should read concise, decisive and confident.

However it should also be factual and objective.

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