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How to Improve Vocabulary within Short Period of Time for CAT 2016?

How to Improve Vocabulary within Short Period of Time for CAT 2016?

When preparing for CAT-2016, vocabulary can be something that will take plenty of your time, if not done in the right way. Verbal section in its current format does not ask for standalone meanings of the words. Rather, it lays focus on contextual meanings. Hence, this is what you have to prepare and learn. Enhancing your vocabulary can be simple if you know the right techniques of doing so. The best amongst them is to find the fun in learning new words. Here are given some tips to help you in improving your vocabulary within a short period of time:

Make Reading a Regular Habit

The cliché to learn a new language is reading lots of books and novels. Any genre that suits your interest is the best for you. Always prefer to read novels more than the regular newspapers and magazines. There’s a reason behind this. CAT asks vocabulary based questions to judge your ability to use and understand a word in its contextual meaning. Here, unless you can interpret something in its exact form, you can’t really build up your knowledge about a language. Novels require a lot of interpretation. This, in turn, helps you to clearly understand the Reading Comprehension (RC) passage in Verbal section. It will also help you in paragraph making and Para-jumbles. Secondly, books from Barron’s are tailor-made for vocabulary. So, you can gulp many new words from that book as well.

Understanding the Word Roots

Although it may sound unusual, but you can tremendously improve your vocabulary by understanding the word roots. It is an interesting thing to do. Learning the word roots help to grasp a new language with clarity. You can go through the most trusted language resources available online or offline. There are many websites helping CAT aspirants with word lists and flashcards to name a few.

Find New Words and Make Sentences

Apart from regular books and novels, you can find new words in your daily routine as well. Reading newspaper, talking to friends, or even watching English movies with subtitles are some other ways to learn new words on the go. Whenever you come across a new word, note it down somewhere and make a sentence remembering it. Sentence making can be tried for all other new words that you may have learnt till now.

You still have a lot of time to improve your vocabulary. Hence, earlier you start practicing these tips, better it will be.

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