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How To Prepare For CAT In 100 Days?

How To Prepare For CAT In 100 Days?

CAT preparations can be really taxing. If you have 4-5 months in hand, it implies that you have around 100 days for preparing hard. You can plan your studies for these 100 days efficiently to know where you stand, do your preparations, and to understand the basics after going through the CAT syllabus.

If you have to prepare for CAT in 100 days, the best way to strategize your study plan is dividing it into three main phases that include:

Phase 1: Studying Hard:

In the first 60-65 days, you should lay maximum focus on studying every subject deeply. Avail study materials and solve maximum books. Maintain an excel sheet in which you should record the books completed, concepts learned, questions solved in a day, the accuracy of your answers, your weaknesses, and strengths. Keep this sheet updated on a regular basis. It will largely help you in the last phase of your preparation. Take every section one by one. Start with quant on day one followed by verbal, DI, and LR respectively over the next three days. Set aside you daily studying hours and stick religiously to this plan. You can take help from reference books and online resources to complete this phase. During this phase, you should also take 1-2 mock tests to keep a track on your test-taking skills.

Phase 2: Mock Tests:

In the next 30 days, you can take around 15-20 mock tests. These tests simulate the real test situations to familiarize you with the pressure you have to deal with. So, take one mock test every alternate day. After completing this test, analyze it deeply to ascertain your strong points and areas where you need tremendous improvement. Start working on these weak points and then again take a mock test. Make and try different strategies to improve your performance in these tests. Plan to take mocks in the same time slot that has been allotted to you for the real test. Prefer software that replicates the real test with exact precision and difficulty levels.

Phase 3: Thorough Revision:

Leave aside the last 4-5 days for methodical revisions. Go through the lists of formulae you made and questions bookmarked as important during phase 1. This is the time to relax your mind and boost your confidence. Hence, take a break from studies at frequent intervals.

Remember, CAT is an aptitude test that requires you to flex your brain muscles. Hence, staying calm and taking the test with a stable mind can be your assured success mantra.

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