How To Tackle CAT Logical Reasoning Questions?

Logical Reasoning is one of the most important sections in CAT. Questions in this section are given in the form of paragraphs containing vital information. There are 3 blocks of LR paragraphs and you may attempt any two of them. Paragraphs are followed by a set of questions based on the data given in them.

You can ace CAT logical reasoning question easily by following some guidelines and tricks given below

Read the Paragraphs Carefully:

At the time of attempting LR questions, you should be extra cautious to read every line of the paragraph carefully. If you miss any significant point, you may end up causing errors. Even if you consider that a line is given simply to create confusion, go through it and derive its contextual meaning.

Don’t Spend More Time On Easy Questions:

There may be some obvious and easy questions given in this section. Do not waste your time in pondering over them or rechecking them. Instead, spend this time on cracking the difficult questions with tricky choices.

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Don’t Make Assumptions:

You can’t afford to assume any information while tackling the logical reasoning section in CAT. Sometimes, questions are framed deliberately to encourage the students for making assumptions. Never fall in this trap and stay logical.

Write All Information Provided In A Caselet:

A lucid understanding of provided data is extremely significant while solving LR questions. It will save your time and efforts. So, write down the important points mentioned in a diagram, box, or paragraph. This will de-clutter your mind and you’ll be able to draw a logical conclusion.

Remove Redundant Options:

When you find it difficult to select any one option, it is always wise to eliminate those that are needless for you. This will also increase your probability of solving the question correctly. At the same time, it is equally important to read all the choices clearly before answering a question. This time-tested approach has successfully worked for many high percentilers.

Focus On The Words Of Higher Importance:

You can also understand them as the keywords because their placement can severely affect the answers. Hence, look for the words like- unless, all, each, every, some, none, if, only, and prefixes. Skipping them completely or partially can lead to error in understanding the context of the questions.

These are some of the best methods of tackling the logical reasoning questions appearing in the CAT. Practice the previous years’ papers, books, and online resources for inculcating a better understanding of various concepts and logic related to this section.

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