Master the GD techniques to make best after cracking CAT?

Your Group Discussion moderator is a person who matters a lot if you want to make it to a great B-school. The person holds in his hand the key to your future. What moderators dread are people who come off being prepared to the extent of being stale and unoriginal. Be assured, you will want to avoid coming off as that. So, while you sit in a semi circle, trying to do your best, the moderator evaluates you based on a pattern.

Here are list of GD techniques you should keep in mind

Personal introduction or eye contact is of paramount importance in GD

The moment you make eye contact, you have made your first impression. A confident gaze goes a long way in establishing the fact that you are sure of what you know and more importantly, of your own self.

What comes immediately after this is when and how you introduce yourself. Keep your tone level and measured. Your objective is to come off as confident, not abrasive.

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Your body language and communication skill can make or mar it all

Yes, Group Discussions are about speaking and just like your tongue, your body speaks too! Be sure to reflect positivity through the manner of sitting and hand gestures. The most important part while speaking is to figure out how to speak before you decide over what to speak. Practice amongst your friends and encourage them to point out your flaws, which you can gradually work upon. Watch videos of good speakers that you admire. See them connect with the audience and learn to get your point across.

First impression is often the last impression

A good opening statement is a big check mark on your list but to really succeed, you will have to keep the tempo going. Great speaking content that you can use in Group Discussions isn’t something you can pull out of a magician’s hat. It takes sustained effort on a candidate’s part to become a better aware person while they prepare for their CAT. Read, listen, digest and remember. The key is books, newspapers, podcasts, youtube channels, journals. In fact, grab whatever comes your way and make the most of it.


Importance of interrupting the other (at times)

There is a lot of debate over whether interruptions are good or bad or entirely unnecessary. Interruptions are good. Why? They show character, confidence and the courage to be a non-conformist. But do know when to interrupt. What you should avoid, however, is losing your cool, being angry, brash and unwilling to listen. Remember, do not just hear, listen as well.

Do all of these and you will definitely make a mark.

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