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Just CATchy things: Understanding Vocabulary in Context

Written text is nothing but a sequence of words, sentences and paragraphs that are pieced into context and conveyed as a whole. While reading a sentence, the presence of an unfamiliar word can break your comprehension of the entire passage, and leave the author’s message altogether incomprehensible. Under these circumstances, in order to keep the …

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Just CATchy things: Comprehending RC Question Types

The Reading Comprehension section on the CAT has more to it than just strategizing and mastering reading ability. Being a good reader only pays off when you are confident that you will be able to leverage your abilities well on test day. In fact, most people can actually read and comprehend quite swiftly, but deliberately …

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Just CATchy things: Meeting The Reading Challenge

Reading Comprehension A great way to improve your reading comprehension skills is to work strategically through the reading exercise. While many students condemn themselves to the brutal task of speed-reading, many others decide to just give the passage one thorough read and leave the rest to lady luck. Of course, there are also the super-intelligent …

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How to Improve Vocabulary within Short Period of Time for CAT 2016?

When preparing for CAT-2016, vocabulary can be something that will take plenty of your time, if not done in the right way. Verbal section in its current format does not ask for standalone meanings of the words. Rather, it lays focus on contextual meanings. Hence, this is what you have to prepare and learn. Enhancing …

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Just CATchy things: Finding Your Comfort Zone

CAT 2016 So, you’re 13 weeks away from the test, and you’ve suddenly realized that you’re marvellously ill-equipped to sit through all 180 minutes of the nail-biting action. Suddenly, you’re very fond of the books you bought a year ago, and you’re fighting harder to keep yourself up by the desk lamp. Perhaps the first …

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CAT Vocabulary List

While preparing for tests like CAT, you have to lay extra impetus on enhancing your vocabulary. There are many words that are repetitively used in CAT exams and you must prepare them to ace the Verbal section. Here is given a list of relevant words in CAT vocabulary list for your help. Abate- Verb, Collapse …

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