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Need For Inter-Cultural Understanding Among Global Business Leaders

In today’s world, with the blurring of boundaries and a fundamental shift in the world economy, the workplace has become more global. Business success in this globalized world calls for skillful navigation through cultural minefields lending credence to the theory that culture is the real power of globalization. Every human mind is shaped by experience, …

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Importance of soft skills as a guide to your career : Alessandro Giuliani of SDA Bocconi Asia Center

There has always been a lot of hullabaloo around the topic of corporate growth and placements in general. The internet is filled with everything from articles giving you tips on climbing the corporate ladder to motivational videos on the best ways to become successful. But the confusion in this topic is ever so prevalent. There are …

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A Game Plan to Disrupt Business Education: David Bardolet of SDA Bocconi Asia Center

David Bardolet, Dean of SDA Bocconi Asia Center and Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy’s premier management school, is a man on a mission. In an interview with The Economic Times, Prof. Bardolet shared his aggressive plans for the SDA Bocconi Asia Center in Mumbai which is guided by …

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