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Top 8 Free/Paid Sites and Online Tools to Prepare For CAT

Top 8 Free/Paid Sites and Online Tools to Prepare For CAT

If you have opted for online coaching, you will find many useful resources available on the internet. These include online tools and some paid /free sites offering learning modules in the form of videos, forums for discussions, practice tests, and lots more. These sites are an excellent option for busy professionals having no time to attend the classroom studies at leading coaching centers. You can study at your own pace and find answers to all your questions from a like-minded community comprising of teachers, students, and experts in the field. Here are given the top 7 paid /free websites and online tools to prepare for CAT:

  • QS – LEAP:

QS-LEAP launched its free CAT preparation platform in August 2016. It gives you over 70 questions sets comprising of the complete syllabus of Verbal and Quant to help you with your preparation. It has forums run by CAT experts, where you can discuss all the intricacies involved in the exam.

  • Pagalguy:

This is a wonderful online forum where you can find lots of information and latest news about CAT. Also, it offers free quiz and contests related to various sections of this test. Its mobile app Prepathon is hugely popular among the MBA aspirants.

  • Handa Ka Funda:

It is one of the cheapest online resources for CAT preparations. It has over 600 video-based tutorials, live classes, full-length mock tests, and study materials given in the form of PDF and documents.

  • Bulls Eye:

This online resource offers free practice tests along with free study materials including vocabulary flashcards, guides for GD and PI, e-library with books and reviews, and weekly puzzles to bend your brain muscles.

  • Spritz:

CAT preparations also include increasing your speed with accuracy to solve the entire test within stipulated time. This online tool can largely help to improve your reading speed. It works on an alternative text delivery approach for enhancing focused reading.

  • Career Launcher:

It is a costly resource but definitely a must-have if you are willing to spend over INR 22 thousand. The videos are truly enriching and it has a vast database of practice questions.

  • Test Funda:

It is cost-effective as compared to some other high-priced online preparation sites for CAT. It offers many practice questions and a brilliantly written content. It offers numerous free resources for preps and has a very interactive forum for discussions.

  • Cracku:

This site offers many free resources alongside its premium study content. Here, you can take free mock tests, solve previous CAT papers, free topic tests, and cheatsheets. Also, they provide weekly videos to explain CAT concepts in detail. You can access this site on mobile as well.

These are the top 7 online tools and paid or free websites helping students across the country to plan their preparations for the upcoming CAT.

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