Top Ten CAT Mock Tests That Can Help You Boost Your Percentile

Practice a bit. Then, practice a little more. Finally, practice for the best.

That’s where the relevance of mock tests comes in. The essential thing is to know where to take these mocks from without wasting too much time going to tuition centres or digging mock test coaching places and blowing all money during preparatory stage itself. Let the Internet come handy while you go about cracking the Mocks.

Here is a comparison between top ten CAT mock tests that can help you:

Sr. no.




How do they compare to actual CAT?


1. Has apps on Google Play and App Store

2. All mock tests you take are linked to a statistical performance review

3. Great way to gauge strength and weakness

A few analysis at times are off but apart from that malfunction, not much is wrong with this website Fairly close to the actual tests.


1. Free as well as paid mock tests are available
2. 26 mocks available for you to use
Reviews often say that the series are not very competitive Scores a tad low compared to the actual CAT and might be misleading.


1. Provides subject based tests

2. Provides a track of time you took while completing the test
3. Free tests available

No statistically linked evaluation of your performance. Pretty close to the actual test but more subject based in its approach.

Cracku – Online Test Prep

1. Cracku has different packages available for users to choose from
2. 7 free mocks, 18 free premium mocks3. Provides detailed analysis and explanations
The premium mocks are available only for a limited window of time. 1.Considered very close to the actual CAT
2. Provides fairly accurate percentile as has been observed over a period of time by users

TCY Online

1. Can compete with others
2. Simulated tests for free
3. Paid tests available at a reasonable cost
4. One of the best prep sites
Paid tests but considerably reasonable. Very accurate and good ratings from users.

My CAT study

1. Comprehensive tests available

2. A lot of free resources to browse from
3. Mock test with real time
feedback model

They provide
better resources only to premium members.
Fairly close to the main test, however, some users complain of lower standard of

TestFunda Mocks

1. Operated by Ravi Handa
2. Comprehensive and well structured
3. Paid, as well as free mocks available
Seems repetitive since Handa runs multiple forums for mock tests. Accurate and a very fair representation of CAT.

Pagalguy Prepathon Mocks

1.Brilliant tests available

2. Both free and paid options

3. Analysis available for the tests taken

There are people who complain the evaluation to be little off-mark but apart from that there are no major cons to this one. Exhaustive and accurate, compares very close to the actual CAT.

Career Launcher Mock tests

1. Brilliant testing and evaluation
2. They have both free and paid tests
3. Not very expensive4. Comes from experts with decades of experience
Some people experience inflated marking on Career Launcher. Despite the slight dissatisfaction of a few, people vote these mocks to be very close to the actual CAT.


1. Helmed by the CAT pioneer Ravi Handa.
2. Very comprehensive and exhaustive
3. A large number of them are available for free.
A lot of people think this initiative to be core money making attempt of the Founder. Very accurate and close to CAT.


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