What is the best time before the CAT exam to take CAT Mock tests?

One should start to take CAT mock tests 6 months before CAT and frequency should be gradually enhanced as you get closer and closer to the actual impending examination.

They could also be started a year or 3-4 months before depending on how prepared you are or what are you trying to achieve. If you are a first timer, start early. May be as early as eight months or six months before the date of the examination. But, if you are a second time test taker, you could start comfortably at around the three four months’ mark because you have the previous years’ preparation to back you up here, to tide you over and help you hit the bulls eye.

Of course, the strategies adopted by individuals are remarkably different from each other. There is no set rule to beat CAT and score marvelously. However, popular studies and experts suggest that there are ways to go about your mocks. In this piece, we will delve into some successful researches to understand the number of mocks one must take and the intervals in which they must be taken.

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How many Mock tests should one take?

Honestly speaking, you can take as many tests as you want. The more the number of tests you take, the better and better you get at it.

People range from taking twenty to thirty mocks and go as high as fifty. Then again, there are people who do with only ten and still manage to score in the 99th percentile.

In the words of Sandeep Manudhane, Chairman, PT Education- “Make a micro plan splitting your effort into weeks and days. Write down that plan, and stick to it religiously. Remember that a weekly revision across test areas must be a key part of the plan. Do not work on any one test area for too long a stretch. Rotate across areas. It will keep you energised, interested and alive!”

The week wise plan

  1. 10-8 weeks: Four tests per week during this stage can be okay if a person is aiming for building a good base for the final test.
  2. 7-5 weeks: Six or seven tests during this stage will help you deal with the magnitude of the pressure that comes with CAT preparation. The greater the number of tests you take, the more resilient you become. The middle stage is the best to get that pressure heightened.
  3. 4-2 weeks: This is the time to revise and to relax. So, if you think of it, going back to the three/four test routine might help you tide through. Revision does not mean only doing mocks. It means going over your course work, skimming through your entire syllabus and getting a grip on your life so that you can write the test without worries or apprehensions.
  4. Last week to CAT: This week is to be reserved for barely one or two mocks. Basically, this is where you unwind. Let it go. Keep your brain sharp and ready for the real thing. The more relaxed you are, the better it is to retrieve information from your brain.

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