What Is The Best Time To Start CAT Preparation?

Well-planned and timed CAT preparations are crucial to ace this management entrance test. You should begin your preps at the right point to find ample time for taking mock tests as well. Competition is fierce for admission to India’s top B-schools. Hence, earlier you start better will be your chances to score impressively.

Starting From June:

CAT is conducted in November every year. For an adrenaline-testing preparation schedule, you may start from June. Still, you will get sufficient time of 6 months to study hard, finish the sections, and take practice tests. However, these preps require extreme intensity.

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Starting 12-15 Months before the Test:

As an alternative, you can start your preparations 12-18 months in advance. This is enough time to prepare every subject minutely. It also allows you to learn time management for completing this test within stipulated duration of 3 hours. The only flaw of starting early is losing the momentum. Generally, students become complacent about their studies and start missing lectures when they start early. So, you have to maintain the pace of studies at a constant level throughout your preparation period.

Here are some tips to keep learning throughout the time that you have set aside for your preparations:

Analyze and Assess Your Skills:

If you have a lot of time in your hand, utilize it properly to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Take some preliminary tests and it will reveal your level of preps. Improve your speed, enhance your vocabulary, practice quant, etc. to keep you occupied.

Improve Your Problem Solving:

Enhancing your IQ can give you better chances to conquer CAT with flying colors. So starting early can be highly advantageous if you use this time to boost your analytical thinking. Solve lots of logical questions from previous years’ papers or online demo papers to master this section.

Work Extensively on Vocabulary:

Improving vocabulary may seem to be a cumbersome task at first but you can prepare well if you have ample time. There are many online visual resources like flash cards and word mapping tools to help you in this regard.

Read A Lot Of Books:

Reading improves vocabulary and enhances your knowledge. Prefer the books in your area of interest. Read non-fiction books on various subjects to improve your general knowledge while fiction helps to build a critical outlook towards the world around you.

Remember that starting early can be helpful only if you are determined to maintain its pace at usual.

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