Why do Engineers excel at CAT? What are their strategies?

Twenty candidates scored a perfect percentile score this year and they were all engineers. Coincidence? May be not. Engineers in this country are bred hard and strong. Although CAT is a wringer, the engineers who have appeared for JEE have been through a wringer already and a hefty one at that. One that is tougher, harsher and dramatically competitive. Not to mention that the candidates had been younger when they took the former and accumulated experience as they got through engineering colleges.

Prateek Bajpai, (B. Tech, Civil engineering from NIT) cracked CAT 2015 in his first attempt by scoring a perfect 100 percentile. Though most candidates join MBA coaching classes for preparation, Bajpai did it all on his own while working in Algeria. Not only this, he did it sans books, just dependent on mock tests and online preparations, reported the Indian Express.

Aritra Chakrabarti used to be a civil engineer from Jadavpur University who chose to diversify into the realm of Finance. He says that in the year 2016, he started his preparation as early as May. He appeared for regular sectional tests and two mock tests a month, analysed his weak areas and tried to improve them.

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According to him, the minimum time frame needed to prepare for CAT would be, say six months of rigorous practice would be sufficient to excel in CAT.

Another thing is there are certain things engineers do just like others.

  1. They give mocks to figure out weak areas.
  2. They practise questions on a regular basis from those areas and track the improvement in subsequent mocks.
  3. They practise and practise and practise.
  4. They read management news and articles
  5. They try to read all news and articles related to management.

Most engineers despite their background of mathematics, opt for coaching. The approach towards coaching differs from individual to individual. Some people benefit from a classroom system especially if they are starting from scratch. Classroom programs give regular sectional tests and mocks that regularly energise your brain and keep you in loop. In case you feel you do not need regular classroom coaching, you can opt for and enroll in a mock test series and that can certainly be very beneficial in your quest for a good percentile.


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