Once you have created a customised study schedule for yourself on QS-LEAP, you can start your preparation by taking the topic wise practice tests on your home dashboard. You may also kickstart your prep by watching these lessons first, (GMAT, GRE, SAT, LSAT, CAT) and then testing what you learnt by attempting the practice tests!
Log in to your QS-LEAP account and go to HOME tab. (HOME > My Prep > Start Your Prep)
It's a score that reflects your participation & contribution in QS- LEAP's learning community. Every action taken within the community will be awarded karma scores of varying degrees. Here's the complete list of actions and the corresponding Karma Score you can gain for each of them.
Activity Karma Points garnered Variables (if any)
Number of Questions posted on Q&A 5 points for every question asked Calculating the number of post only for the first post.
Number of Answers posted on Q&A 15 points for every answer
Number of comments made 1 point per comment - with deductions on removal
Number of articles published on QS-LEAP Adding 100 for every published article (original content)
Number of Questions posted on Institute Groups 5 points for every question asked Calculating the number of post only for the first post.
Number of likes your posts have gotten (across Q&A, Groups and the entire platform) 10 points for every like (Variable) 1-25 Likes ( 10 points for each additional like).
26-50 Likes ( 15 points for each additional like)
51 onwards ( 20 points for each additional like)
Number of posts Iiked by the user across the platform 1 point for every 1 like
Number of Article Channels subscribed to 5 points for every subscribed tag (article)
Number of Institute Groups joined 5 points for every group
Number of people followed 1 point for every 1 person followed
Number of people following 10 points for every follow
Number of active days on the platform (Logged In) 2 points for each signin in a 24 hour period
Number of people invited 25 points for every user who joins the platform on your invitation
Number of questions I have answered correctly 2 points for every correct attempt
If you wish to deactivate your account, write to us at [email protected]
Your daily goal progress and overall goal progress within QS- LEAP are determined on these two parameters (i.e. your target score and number of practice questions daily) that you enter during the sign up. Changing them would lead to miscalibration of your progress percentage. For this reason, we do not allow a change in the target score. However, feel free to attempt more number of questions than suggested by your Daily Goal.
Ranking is our attempt to foster a spirit of healthy competition amongst this prep community!

Global Rank: Global rank reflects where you stand amongst other users preparing for the same test on QS-LEAP. For instance, if your global rank is 45/20000, it means, that there are 44 other users who are scoring better than you on the platform for the same test!

Network Rank: Your network consists of your peers - people you choose to follow and people who follow you. Network rank shows where you stand in your preparation amongst your peers.
Yes, it will. Your study schedule clearly outlines the amount of regular practice you require to achieve your target score. If you miss your preparation for a few days, you will most likely see a drop in your overall rank on the platform.
The Q&A section on QS-LEAP is open to all the members of the platform. That includes all our users, community managers, tutors and other experts. While we are sure that everyone attempts to answer the questions with the spirit to help the others in the community, we cannot ensure the credibility of the answers. Everyone can makes mistakes, right? If you notice any wrong answers, we encourage you to reply to them, downvote the answer, and bring them to the notice of our community managers. We will do our best to provide you with the right, and most credible answer.
Leaderboard is a scoreboard showing the names & score details of the top candidates preparing for each of the exams. Inside QS-LEAP, there are two types of leaderboards - Weekly Leaderboard & Overall Leaderboard. Like most other score-keeping formats across the world, the purpose of the leaderboard at QS-LEAP is to indicate a descending order of the candidates with the highest "Test Score" points.

Along with providing motivation & meaningful rewards that aid in a candidate's preparation to ace their respective test, an increasing test score will also help create a strong identity for the best performing candidates within the QS-LEAP community for other candidates to look upto & follow their study patterns.

Here's the points system based on which the leaderboard has been created. The higher your "test score", the more likely you are in the race to the top of the weekly leaderboard & the overall leaderboard. (follow this up with the points system table.)
LIVE classes on QS-LEAP are nothing but online LIVE classrooms where we have tutors from across the world conducting test based and topic based classes LIVE (just like webinars). You can check out the LIVE class schedule here.
No. LIVE class attendance is absolutely free for our users. You just need to register for a LIVE class in order to get the link to the class.
Yes, we update weekly schedules for LIVE classes. You can find the entire LIVE class schedule here.
If you are a QS-LEAP user, you can log in to your account, check the list of LIVE classes here. Just click on the "Register" button next to the class you wish to attend.
Once you register for a LIVE class, you will be e-mailed the link to the LIVE class half an hour before the session begins. You can also join the LIVE class by logging into your QS-LEAP account and clicking on the active LIVE class link on your Home Dashboard.
You can opt for personal tutoring sessions by browsing through the list of tutors here, or list of tutoring packages here.
Sorry, we do not upload LIVE class recordings. However, our LIVE classes happen on a cyclical basis. Which means, you will always find the same session happening sometime in the near future! You can register for the upcoming LIVE classes.
Tutors are trusted partners of QS and have been selected through a thorough screening process.
Online tutoring sessions that take place in an interactive, digital classroom. This include video, audio and a chat feature for direct communication with your tutor and a shared whiteboard. Unlike a LIVE class environment, one-to-one online tutoring sessions happen only between a single tutor and a single user.
While selecting a tutor, keep in mind the subject expertise you are looking for. Study and compare profiles of different tutors - watch video interview, go through their previously answered questions, check their package offerings. The best way to understand whether you like the tutors' teaching style is to attend a LIVE class conducted by them. (You can check the list of upcoming classes here.) If you are still confused, you can get in touch with the QS -LEAP team. The team recommends you the choice of tutors based on your requirements.
Very simply put, tutoring packages are bulk hourly session bookings with a tutor. Tutors may also choose to pre-define packages by defining a topic and the number of hourly sessions required to teach the same. You can view the list here.
Yes, you can. Your "My Classes" calendar will ensure that no two bookings clash with each other.
You can schedule the rest of the sessions by going to the "Book My Session" tab under "My Classes" on your QS- LEAP account.
You can discuss the issue with the QS - LEAP customer service team by e-mailing the details to us at [email protected]
You can cancel or reschedule a session by going to the "My Classes" on your QS- LEAP account.
If a booked session is cancelled upto 48 hours to 2 weeks before the session - the cancellation fee charged to the student is 25% of the transaction amount. If a session is cancelled anytime before two weeks to the session, the cancellation fee is zero, however, the student has to bear transaction charges. Student can reschedule a session only once. For instance, if a student has bought 5 one-hour sessions together as a package, he/she can reschedule each of the sessions maximum once.

CASE A - In case when a tutor initiates a reschedule, a student gets the option to cancel the session (i.e. get a full refund) or confirm the rescheduled time slot.

CASE B - If a tutor initiates the cancellation of a session, student has two options - either get a refund or book a session with another tutor & pay the cost difference.

CASE C - If the Website initiates a reschedule for session, the student gets the option to cancel the session (i.e. get a full refund) or reschedule the session

CASE D - If the Website initiates the cancellation of a session, student gets the full refund.
The one-to-one tutoring sessions will be conducted on QS -LEAP in a live classroom environment using a virtual whiteboard, presentations and chat through audio/video.
If you have Chrome installed, you may be able to launch a lesson using your tablet. However, we would recommend running the site on a laptop or desktop for best performance.
Before the start of a session, it is a student’s responsibility to have the technical requirements in place:
  • possess a broadband connection with minimum download and upload speed of 1 Mbps
  • the website uses a browser based application. Student should have a browser that supports Flash Player
Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the only two browsers that are supported at this time. This is due to the audio/video platform only running on these two browsers. You won’t be able to successfully have online tutoring lessons through our platform if you use a different browser like Internet Explorer.
No. The one-to-one online tutoring sessions will happen only between a single tutor and a single user.
You may contact QS -LEAP customer service team in case such a situation arises. You can write to us at [email protected]
For the ease of the User, the Website reflects the pricing on the Website as per the local currency. Please note that regardless of the currency shown during the booking process, the final transaction will happen in US Dollars.
V121 is an online tool that matches your profile with the pre-defined criteria set by the participating b-schools to qualify for a meeting. The qualification process is carried out by an internally generated algorithm and the qualified candidates will subsequently be able to connect with official representatives of b-schools for a quick 30 mins 121 interaction.
Any candidate who is a registered user with QS LEAP can also register for a V121 connect. Post the registration, a candidate's profile is matched against the pre-defined criteria that a participating B-School has provided to check if the candidate is eligible for the connect. A qualified candidate will be allowed to schedule a virtual meeting with the B-School.

There is no cap on the number of schools with which a student can connect through V121.
Currently we have 15+ B-schools from different regions offering V121 on QS-LEAP. You can find the list here.
There is no fee to register or connect with any Bschools using V121.
No. V121 gives an opportunity to candidates to interact with B-schools and get answers on application process and other criteria from official representatives.
B-school will reschedule meeting request sent by candidates to another date.
Yes. V121 allows candidates to schedule and attend V121 meeting as per their convenience.
V121 only helps a candidate to initiate the application process,figure admissions strategies, and improve preparation.
Since the candidate have chosen the date of connect, we expect to keep up to it and attend the meeting. However, in case of serious/or unavoidable circumstances,the candidate will have to notify the V121 team atleast 24 hours in advance.

Please note: Failure to attend more than 2 connects,will result in debarment from scheduling any future connects for the season.
V121 connect is an opportunity for the candidate to get in touch with Official representatives of the B school. This connect will help to initiate the application process,admission strategies and preparation.We recommend the candidates to keep your list of queries prepared which can include pedagogy, placement details, application and admission process, funding related queries, fees, geographical representation of candidates etc
A candidate can connect with the representative for 30 minutes for the interaction.
Once the Candidate completes and submits the V121 form, a list of matched schools will be displayed. Candidate can choose from the list with whom to connect with and opt for two prefered dates.