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srinidhi sekar 3 days ago

how do i change my time zone for webinar in india?? (more)

what is the time zone for india and how do i change it? it shows webinar at 5-6 pm but i dont know if it is ist or not?

Hi Srinidhi, The timings of the classes displayed are given in IST and GMT both. If you lokk carfeully you will see that the timings are given in IST. Hope this helps.

ifte khar ifte 1 week ago

i selected GRE preparation but now i want to prepared for SAT how can i change my preparation? (more)

i choose GRE but now i want to prepared myself for SAT.how can i change?


Hi you will have to register yourself again by using a new email ID and then choose GRE as the exam when you are filling in the details. You will also have to use a new username.

Muhammad Ahmad 2 weeks ago Puzzle

For practice questions you can go to home and you can choose the topic.

For QnA, you can choose the topic from right hand side. Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency are part of Math Section.

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S E 3 weeks ago

what is the karma score? (more)

what is the karma score? on the profile

It's a score that reflects your participation & contribution in QS- LEAP's learning community. Every action taken within the community will be awarded karma scores of varying degrees. Here's the complete list of actions and the corresponding Karma Score you can gain for each of them. You can find more information about the same under our FAQs section.