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Nishit Kumar 5 days ago

Are there any free youtube channels for GMAT preparation (more)

I am looking for free youtube channels having good videos on GMAT preparation (subject wise). Just 

Hi Nishit! You can look your GMAT prep videos on this platform under the "Resources" tab in the header. We also have online prep classes happening everyday. Check out the "Free Prep Classes" tab for that. You will find tonnes of Youtube channels offering GMAT prep and all of them are free. For instance, there is a channel called GMATPrepNow, that may be helpfull. All the best!

Nishit Kumar 5 days ago

How to Start Preparing for GMAT along with a 9-10 Hrs Job? (more)

I am a full time employee at an IT Company, how to prepare for GMAT within three months

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Prasenjit Datta 1 week ago

I think you can apply for these colleges USF, UIC, UTD,UOA (Ambi)

Akhilesh Singh 2 weeks ago

Are Physics and Chemistry not included in SAT exams for engineering? (more)

Are Physiscs and Chemistry not included in SAT Exam sfor Engineering?

First off, the SAT 1 test does not have physics, but the SAT Subject Test does. Many top engineering programs in the US require or strongly recommend that students take at least two or in a few cases three subject tests, including at least one of Chemistry or Physics (some programs also accept Biology). Why, you might ask, would Chemistry or Biology be acceptable? Some engineering programs offer specialties in these areas-- and some students won't take physics until after applications are due.

Young Eagle 2 weeks ago

How can I change my exam date? (more)

After evaluating myself, I become aware of needing more practice in order to hit the required score. As a result, I have to reschedule my written exam date in QS leap. Also, I had taken a GRE exam without preparation in a year before now and I inputed its result during creating the profile in QS leap. As I am rumating, It is better not to fill out that area because of unreliable result I've got. In other words, I want to empty that information. In both case, I couldn't find an option to restate these criteria. How can I do these things?


Hi Young Eagle! Our website plans out a study schedule for you based on the target test date and score you input the first time you sign up. So it doesn't allow you to change these basic parameters like the test, target score, or test date. I suggest you create another account with a different ID and sign up as a new GRE user. All the best :)