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Abhishek Choudhary 9 months ago

Why the timings for LIVE Classes mentioned on my dashboard are different from the actual timings?

I attended a class today on text completion for which 9:30 P.M (no timezone) timing was mentioned on dashboard but it actually started at 6 P.M IST.

Similarly,I have registered for two more classes of maths for which 11:00 P.M timings are mentioned but i fear same will happen with them also and i may end up in missing the classes.

Please take a look. i don't find any option to connect with the admin team on website.


you may have entered a different timezone than your actual timezone. Can you please tell us your actual timezone so that we can correct.

Hi Himanshu, My actual time zone is IST. Please change it as soon as possible so that i can attend further classes. Thanks for helping.