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A. Disgusting and pus-filled, Enrico nursed carefully his wound.
B. Disgusting and pus-filled. Enrico nursed his wound carefully.
C. Enrico nursed carefully his disgusting and pus-filled wound.
D. Enrico nursed his disgusting and pus-filled wound carefully.
E. Enrico carefully nursed his disgusting and pus-filled wound.

The correct answer is E. Why?

Reason 1: The word 'pus-filled' is an adjective, which would typically describe a wound rather than a person. 'Disgusting and pus-filled', which together forms an adjective phrase, should be close to the subject/object that it is modifying namely 'the wound'. Hence A and B are incorrect.
Reason 2: An adverb should be close to the verb, adjective or adverb that it is modifying. In this case the adverb. carefully is modifying the verb 'nursed'. Hence, it should be placed before or after the verb. Hence, D is incorrect.
Reason 3: Enrico nursed carefully sounds awkward. Hence, E is the correct answer.

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