GMAT Class


Dec' 2018

Hosted by QS LEAP

GMAT - How to Reason Critically

01:00 PM (UTC) 30 Minutes

By: Divya Mukhopadhyay

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About This GMAT Classroom

Before you acclimatize to the GMAT and its ways, it's very important that you understand how GMAT expects you to reason; in other words, you must learn the GMAT way of reasoning! And that's what this session is going to be about. Join in as we discuss the intricacies of reasoning as a skill, and how you should use it on the GMAT to ace your test score.

Know Your Tutor

Divya Mukhopadhyay

Verbal Expert

Divya has been associated with English as a language and a subject for upwards of 15 years now, and has taught the subject to students at varying levels of academic acumen.


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