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What is the average GMAT score to apply for Stanford Business School MBA? (more)


I'm preparing to have my GMAT exam on October 20th to apply for German universities in programs related to entrepeneurship. In the mean while, I'm also checking top business schools to apply for their MBA programs so I wanted to know Stanford mean GMAT and other US buisness schools, is there any reference that I can look up for these details?



How much experience and Gmat score needed to take admission in IIMA (more)



Want to know how much experience and GMAt score should need to take admission in IIMA??

Will they ask for experience Letter at the time of interview??

Hi Abhay! Average GMAT Score (out of 800) required is 706. Along with a good GMAT score, IIM-A also demands good Analytical Writing Analysis (AWA) scores . You will need around three letters of recommendations during the admissions process.

honours (more)

I am studying BA honours in urdu subject  in the university of Dhaka.  can I do gmat for going to USA??

hi Adnan! The GMAT is taken to apply to graduate management programs (like an MBA) in many countries. So if you do have such a preferred program in mind, you can definitely attempt the GMAT to get into institutes in the US.

Test Format for sentence correction are not showing properly (more)

No underlines in Question for Sentence Correction, weird signs in answers and question, 

please fix the issue

Hi Rahul, Thank you for bringing this to our notice, can you please tell me which question set did you face this problem in? This will enable me to make the changes immediately.

If x=6m^2 + 4n^2, what is the greatest even number that must be a factor of x? (more)

(1) m and n are even.

(2) gcf (m,n) = 2. 


A) Statement (1) ALONE is sufficient, but statement (2) ALONE is not sufficient.

B) Statement (2) ALONE is sufficient, but statement (1) ALONE is not sufficient.

C) BOTH statements together are sufficient, but NEITHER statement alone is sufficient.

D) EACH statement ALONE is sufficient.

E) Statements (1) and (2) together are not sufficient.


If m equals to n, then the expression becomes 10m^2. Since both statements mean that 2 is factor . The greatest factor would be 20. Correct me if I am wrong :)