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GMAT - Problem Solving - Absolute value

Score 650??

I want to get 650 in GMAT exam. I am not a brilliant student. Is it possible for me get the desired mark? How can I start my preparation?

Hi Tanjil,

Through sustained efforts and regular practice, you will surely achieve your goal of a 650 GMAT score. Here is how you can use the QS- LEAP platform to start your prep:

  • Start with going through the resources section which provides you with information on the syllabus of the test, concept notes to understand the nitty gritty of the topics under each section, myriad of videos that talk about strategies, the different question types etc.
  •  On your QS- LEAP dashboard you can access practice tests that are divided into sections. Each test gives you an analysis on completion. This helps you to understand your strengths and areas of improvement. You will have a customized schedule based on the information you fill during registration. Your dashboard presents to you your daily goals in terms of the number of questions you need to solve.
  • There is a forum called QNA wherein you can ask questions and clarify any doubt you have with regards to preparation or application.
  • QS- LEAP even conducts Live Classes which you can attend for free. These classes provide you very good conceptual knowledge on different quant and verbal topics. These classes are conducted by experienced tutors from around the globe.

Below are some links which will further help you to prepare a plan for preparation: