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GMAT - Critical Reasoning - Critical Reading

Slow reading


So my main problem is that I am a slow reader, thus I cannot finish the critical reasoning on time. And if i try to speed up, I get confused and become unable to answer. I will be very greatful if you help me with a tip to overcome this manner.

Thanks in advance

Hi Ahmed,

In order to increase your speed of reading, firstly you must practice reading. Make it a habit to read regularly; reading material can include newspaper and magazines like The Economist, Scientific American, The New Yorker, Al Daily etc. These reading material are of GMAT level and hence are suggested. While reading look out for the main point of the entire article and for the purpose of each paragraph. This is called active reading wherein your reading to comprehend the material. This reading exercise will help you to develop a speed and to understand what parts are critical to comprehending the passage and what parts are just details that are not critical to understanding the passage. This exercise will help you to get better at Reading Comprehension and Critical Reasoning. 

When it comes to dealing with critical reasoning passages, below is a strategy that you can adopt:

1. Read the question first. This will direct the way you approach the CR passage.

2. Read the passage and determine the role of each line. There are four components of a CR passage - premise, background, assumption, and conclusion.When you mark these components it really helps you to understand the passage.

3. Answer the question in your own words.

4. Match your predicted answer with the answer choices given.

The more you practice the better you will get at answering the questions and understanding the passages. 

For more information on this you can attend our Live Classes which are for free and have a look at the following links:

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I hope this helps you.