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do we need work experience to join into MBA directly after B.Tech (more)

im studying B.Tech right now and i wanted to take up my Gmat exam within few months

i just wanted to clarify whether we can join an MBA program without any work experience directly after my btech

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What is the average GMAT score to apply for Stanford Business School MBA? (more)


I'm preparing to have my GMAT exam on October 20th to apply for German universities in programs related to entrepeneurship. In the mean while, I'm also checking top business schools to apply for their MBA programs so I wanted to know Stanford mean GMAT and other US buisness schools, is there any reference that I can look up for these details?



honours (more)

I am studying BA honours in urdu subject  in the university of Dhaka.  can I do gmat for going to USA??

hi Adnan! The GMAT is taken to apply to graduate management programs (like an MBA) in many countries. So if you do have such a preferred program in mind, you can definitely attempt the GMAT to get into institutes in the US.

Can you help me assist two Registered Nurses that want to pass the master´s degree entrance exams??? How to do it? (more)

My name is Kenny Macario and have been an English teacher for 15 years here in Sao Paulo. My situation is this: I need material, information to help these two Registered Nurses to pass the entrance exams for the Master´s Degree in Nursing. The topic would be Public Health with Cientific Articles to be interpretated. What can you do for me??? Can you please help me with this situation?


Very Truly Yours,

Kenny Macario


Can you please tell us more details regarding -

1. Target Location

2. Target Colleges

3. Profile Details

It will help our Counsellors to help you out.