$10M Gift Will Transform Wharton Leadership Program

The University of Pennsylvania’s  Wharton School has received a $10 million commitment from alumna Anne Welsh McNulty that will drive the global reach of the current Wharton Leadership Program and build on its 20-plus years of innovation and impact in leadership development.

In recognition of this transformative gift, the Wharton Leadership Program will be renamed the Anne and John McNulty Leadership Program at the Wharton School, memorializing John’s legacy of  impact and both John and Anne’s passion for preparing individuals to lead in their fields and communities.

The program will continue to provide a holistic approach to coursework, coaching, mentoring, and experiential learning for students of all ages. It will also provide them with the necessary tools to adapt their leadership styles through action, reflection, and experience, and to become global leaders of diverse workforces.

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“I believe in the transformative power of developing each individual’s leadership capacity. Wharton’s Leadership Program is uniquely poised to make a real impact that will multiply from its students to businesses and communities and beyond,” says McNulty.

“Wharton was a turning point in our lives,” Anne says, reflecting on her and John’s experience at the school. “It challenged us to think differently and taught us to be more thoughtful and more ambitious. Our time at Wharton motivated us to be active leaders, not only in running businesses, but also in our communities. It is a pleasure for me to support future students so that they may have a similar experience, so that they may reach their potential, and so that they may change the world through the lessons they learn at Wharton.”

Learn more about John and Anne McNulty, and how this new investment will accelerate Wharton’s leadership development initiatives, here.

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