4 Ways to Stay Engaged With B-Schools This Summer

If you’re applying to business school in the fall but still want to enjoy your summer downtime, here are four ways to keep your research and application preparation going until the autumn crunch time.

1. Plan a Campus Visit
The best way to determine whether a school’s culture is a good fit with your needs is to experience the campus firsthand. For many, summer is the perfect moment to visit if taking time off during the rest of the year is difficult.

2. Attend School Events
Most schools host events in cities throughout the world during the summer months. These “meet-and-greets” offer a great opportunity for current students to talk about their MBA programs with prospective students in a casual environment. Check the schools’ websites for sign-up information and availability.

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3. Become a Follower/Fan
Classes may not be in session, but university publications and media sites are updated weekly—in some cases, daily—with a wealth of information to keep you current on school happenings, achievements and media attention. And of course, following this blog for breaking b-school news when you need it most.

4. Take Stock and Strategize
Use the pre-crunch time these next few months to analyze your career goals, resume and GPA. Enrolling in a summer class, or taking on a leadership role at work or in your extracurricular activities can provide a real boost to your application. And it never hurts to start studying early for the GMAT.

Do have fun and relax this summer, but remember, it’s also the ideal time to take those steps that will help you later in the year with your MBA applications.

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