7 GMAT Hacks That Help You Boost Your Score

Studies have shown that the average GMAT score of students who make it to the top 50 B Schools is around 660. But of course, as an ambitious aspirant that’s not where you want to stop, and aim for a score somewhere in the range of 700, which equates to around 90 percentile.

Pushing your score to the higher end of the scale is manageable. You will indeed have to put in the hours and efforts, often times compromising on your social life to get the results. But there’s good news – there are a few GMAT hacks you can follow to improve your score.

Smart GMAT hacks to ace the test

First things first, everyone who scores over 660 in their GMAT doesn’t only rely on months of preparation to do well on the test. They also make the most out of these simple GMAT hacks that will hold you in good stead as you take the all important test.

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1. Almighty Time

You can give yourself a pat on the back for answering all the questions correctly. But if you can’t answer them in time, there’s no point, is there? Hence you need to manage time right from the onset so that you have enough left to answer questions in all sections comfortably.

2. Rates and Ratios are worth their weight

They are definitely more important than Permutations and Combinations that test takers wrongly lay a lot of emphasis on. Rates and Ratios form a substantial number of GMAT Math questions and can be quite tricky, which is why you need to prepare for them well.

3. Last questions are equally important

If you get the first five questions on the test wrong, you might suffer in the overall result. But that has nothing to do with the algorithm. This Computer Adaptive Test gives equal importance to the last questions.

4. Guesswork can save you time

There is nothing wrong in guessing answers for questions that completely throw you off. Chances are that you will come across 8-10 experimental questions in every section and guessing on them will save you time.

5. Not rocket science

The science questions are not specially challenging and you really don’t need to grasp the Science to answer them. Simply put the information you have been given together and make a note of differing opinions, as you would in any other passage.

6. Cut the Long (division) story short

You will only be wasting your study time trying to learn mental math tricks. That’s because the GMAT mostly uses a simple set of numbers. And when it doesn’t you can still approximate and get to the right answer.

7. Verbal Choice answers can’t be almost right

They are either wrong or right; there are no in between here. Every verbal question on the GMAT will have four answers that you can weed out for being wrong for one reason or another. It will help you identify the correct answer.
These GMAT hacks along with your prep will help you take your score where you want it to be.

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