7 Steps to Ace Your MBA Interview

Invited to interview at your dream school? Congrats!

But remember, this is only the beginning! All of your hard work on the applications, essays and GMAT may have gotten you this far, but don’t rest on your laurels! The interview is one of the most important parts of the process and one that I have seen far too many under estimate and under prepare for. Don’t make this same mistake. Read our tips and set up a mock interview with us for help!

Here are a few general tips to keep in mind!

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  • Know your resume! You should be able to explain every line of your resume, and explain it in detail! Take the time to think through each and every bullet and be ready to provide further explanation as questions arise.


  • Explain your path clearly and succinctly. Many of us have taken a job that wasn’t right. That’s ok. Don’t spend too much time over explaining every decision. Instead, walk the interviewer through the big career moves you have made and focus on the steps you have taken to achieve your career goals. Don’t get bogged down explaining every detail.


  • Prepare stories! We find bulleting works best. Research the most common questions and prepare stories in advance. Generally, 4-5 stories can be easily tailored to cover all of the top questions. Assign each story to the potential question in advance. Remember: Situations, Action, Result!


  • Focus on you! Don’t focus too much on setting up the situation. Instead, focus on the key steps you took and how you excelled! Always keep in mind the skills you want to highlight and tailor the story accordingly.


  • Bring questions! And keep them positive!


  • Do your research and know the school and the culture! While you should have already done this by now, make sure that you know the school and tailor your answers to the school’s culture.


  • Practice, Practice, Practice!!


Personal MBA Coach has former MBA interviewers lined up to do mock interviews with you! Our clients have told us this is one of the most valuable steps they have taken to prepare. Email [email protected] to set up a mock interview today!

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