Ask B-School Alumni These 4 Questions

One of the most valuable aspects of attending a top-ranked MBA program is the amazing network you cultivate during those two years. US News has a great article with tips for both applicants and current business school students on connecting with alumni to learn the best ways to get through the program and launch your career.

The article’s author, Delece Smith-Barrow, suggests reaching out to alumni through LinkedIn or a school’s career services office with four specific questions: What classes did you find the most helpful? How did you balance your time? What were some of the challenges of the program? How much are you in touch with your alumni network?

Alumni can usually provide the most honest opinion on which courses will translate into future job opportunities, and point out which social opportunities allow you to really connect with other students outside of the classroom to help build that network foundation.

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According to the recent business school alumni survey conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council,  59% of alumni belong to their business school’s alumni association and tend to rate their level of career success higher than those who are not members.

Take a look at Smith-Barrow’s piece and the comments from admissions officers within to find out how to keep perspective while on campus and make the most of the experience from both the academic and social standpoint.

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