Best Forums To Know More About B School Application Process

Preparing for your GMAT and doing your best to get top scores might be a step in the right direction, but there’s a long way ahead. Understanding how the application process works to boost your prospects and choosing the right B School are absolutely crucial for your future.

It’s a decision you have to take after due consideration. And you cannot just go by expert opinions or what the B Schools want you to know. Studies reveal that students who take a well-rounded judgment by speaking to peers have a better chance of making the right decision.

What do you learn from these forums?

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Of course there is a lot of information about the MBA application process and B Schools out there. In most cases you will also find that information to be fairly reliable. But is that truly enough when it comes to making these crucial decisions?

For starters, a dedicated forum will have candidates like you who have similar doubts and apprehensions. They are answered by people who have gone through same anxieties, alumni of B Schools etc. Thus there is a high reliability quotient and there’s also expert voice to fall back on.

Best forums that you can be a part of

Given the importance of these business forums for B School applicants, it’s not surprising to see many that have cropped up all over the web. While following some can be engaging and useful, others can be a complete waste of time.

Here are four forums that we think can be of help, and exactly what they bring to the table for you:

QS-LEAP – LEAP has experts and students across the globe with whom you can discuss your application. It allows you to form networks and keep you updated on recent trends in application processes.

GMAT Club – The club has over half a million members from all over the world, which is a reflection of its popularity. You can join the club, so to speak, to find out B School rankings, what they offer you, connect with other applicants, get free study material and more.

Top MBA – Whether you want to know about top B Schools, how to perfect your application, or ways to get a scholarship – this forum will have a wide range of discussions for you to follow. You can also attend worldwide MBA events and get expert advice.

College Confidential – Right from college search and selection to knowing what your chances are of bagging admissions to top B Schools, you will find a wide range of discussions on this forum. Online tools and resources give you an insight into how admission officers assess scores.

Forums are helpful in getting relevant information about B Schools, hence you have to choose them smartly.


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