Best Resources For Non Math Majors To Study For GMAT Math

The quantitative numbers section of the GMAT can give seasoned management professionals the jitters. Hence it’s not surprising that candidates taking the test have sleepless nights mastering the section. The task seems to be harder for Non Math majors, but that shouldn’t make you fret.

The first step in getting through the section is to understand what it entails, know a few basic tips and prepare using the right resources. We have compiled a list of resources that Non Math majors can benefit from while tackling the Quantitative section of the GMAT.

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The Quantitative section of your test requires you to answer Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving questions. There are 37 questions in all and you have 75 minutes to answer them. The best part is that the concepts you are tested on are not really difficult.

How to prepare for the section?

For starters, review Math basics including arithmetic, algebra and geometry that you might have studied in high school. Make flashcards to grasp the concepts you are struggling with. Once you feel comfortable take the Quantitative section of the practice test.

It’s recommended that you analyze your performance on the section as it will give you an idea about the areas you are struggling with. For the remaining duration of your GMAT prep, pay special attention to these areas.

Resources that can help you

There are several books, guides and resources that can help you prepare for GMAT Math and drive away your fears. Here are three options that Non Math majors can benefit from during their prep for the section.

  • GMAT Official Guide is definitely a handy resource for all candidates who want to excel in the section. It has a 30 page Math Review section with all the Math concepts you need to study in a condensed format.
  • 4GMAT has comprehensive Math study material that can be a useful resource too. It has three Advanced GMAT Math lesson books, a refresher on Data Sufficiency, One Math Work Book, One Math Formulae book and 3 paper based tests.
  • Manhattan GMAT offers a Foundations of Math book that is user friendly for Non Math majors. It explains the fundamental Math concepts along with step by step applications of these concepts to example problems.

These are just some of the resources that can help Non Math majors up their number game to ace the Quantitative section of the GMAT.

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