Best Strategies for GMAT Integrated Reasoning Section

The Integrated Reasoning section in GMAT is a strange beast. While scores in this section do not count towards your total GMAT score, you need to do fairly well in this section. While b-schools may not take a very deep look at these scores, a significantly low score will be an eyesore and hamper you application. Moreover, in today’s Big Data age where numbers are analysed for insights, simple data analysis would be required for future managers.

The integrated reason section basically a test of your data analysis skills. Questions are asked in the form of charts, graphs and words and involves picking out insights based on the question types. The scores range from 1-8 and are reported separately in the exam.  

Now, the section should not really be too much cause for worry. If you are doing fairly well in your quant section, chances are that you will have this section covered. If you are faring very badly in this section in the practice tests, you may need to spend some time solving questions of this type. Our general advice, however, would be to not spend too much time on this section. Just make sure your scores in this section are reasonable high.

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Here are the best strategies for GMAT Integrated Reasoning section:

  1. Be familiar with graphs and charts: Graphs and charts are familiar sights in this section. Get over your mental block of charts and graphs. You will be expected to analyse pretty simple charts/graphs.
  2. Get over ‘Excelphobia’: This section gives you a good chance to get rid of your phobia with Excelsheets. As future managers, you will deal with tons of them in the future. The problems are pretty simple if you know even the slightest bit of Excel.
  3. Read the questions well: Goes for the entire GMAT really. Make sure you read the questions well and understand the questions presented, especially for the reasoning area.

Don’t fret too much over this section. This section is just a way to test your analytical capabilities. Mastering this section will prime you well for real world business problems.

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