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Cancelling Your GMAT Score

Cancelling Your GMAT Score

In a bid to offer students more control on their own process, GMAC provides a cancellation feature for GMAT. The Score Preview feature in the exam allows you to cancel the exam score immediately after taking the test. In this feature, test takers are allowed to see a preview of their scores and they have to decide within two minutes whether they want to cancel their scores. If they do not make a choice, scores are automatically cancelled.

If you do not cancel your GMAT score, you can opt to receive a printed copy of your unofficial score report. Once you cancel your GMAT score, it is possible to reinstate the scores within 60 days if you decide to send the scores to a college.

Test takers need to be ready for this feature before sitting down for the exam. We recommend cancelling your GMAT score only if it is a very poor representation of your true skills or some unforeseen circumstances which may have resulted in a below par performance.

Remember that schools have access to your GMAT records and they will know that you have cancelled an exam. Speculation may even harm a good MBA application. Check your school policies for GMAT score reporting.

The Score Preview feature is definitely a positive move. However, use it judiciously to turn it into an advantage.

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